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Fairy heal!

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Quite obviously, this community is dedicated to the backbone of EVERY RPG team, the white mage. Aerith fans, take note-- she is a white mage, after all.

Post dreams, stories, art, whatever! Hell, make topics and discussions, fer all I care.

Anyone can join, and I don't even mind if you hate white mages. Just put up a good fight. ^^

RULES: No flamming. A little jab is fine, but excessive...well, we're gonna have a problem, then. I'm a peaceful guy, and so the solution will be as well-- cement shoes and a nice trip to the lake early in the morning.

1337 isn't tolerated, at least not by me. Now, if it's used as a joke, then fine. Otherwise, we'll pool our powers together and make every song you ever listen to for the rest of your life come only from the very "best" of John Tesh.

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